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Manucra Carol Piovano


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Manucra Carol Piovano 


Holistic Counseling 

Family and Evolutionary Contellations

Family Tree Emotional Reading

"When we look at the night sky, we see thousands of constellations.

Some are larger, some smaller, some more spectacular, some more distant.
All of them are gorgeous and motionless in their place,

supported by an "order" that nobody can truly understand.

Scientists and astronomers can certainly explain many things,
but they cannot scientifically explain what is the force that supports them in that configuration. 

There is an "Order" also in family relationships,

as everywhere in the Universe.
Bert Hellinger






A Constellation is an experience,  

it must be lived,

this will be very clear when you have participated in it yourself.

Essentially, it is about reconnecting to our family of origin, to our family members, and understanding how we, as individuals,

are embedded in something bigger.


Allow LOVE,

discover the language of the SOUL,

connect with your ANCESTORS,

find what gives you PEACE.




This is a a space for listening and reflection,

in which to explore difficulties related to

evolutionary processes,

phases of transition and states of crisis,

and to reinforce capacities for choice or change.


Through this process,behaviors,

thoughts and feelings that cause you

discomfort in everyday life, 

are observed to favor together the creation

of a new sense of things

related to your world,

identifying new strategies and discovering

a more holistic and spiritual approach to life.


Holistic comes from the Greek όλος, olos,

which stands for "totality."

This term represents a vision of the "global" individual,

the union of soul, body, environment and society.




Counseling refers to the assistance received from a trained professional.

An individual session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.


My name is Manucra Carol Piovano,

I was born in 1976, in October,

in the Alps, Italy.



My name is Manucra Carol Piovano, I was born in 1976, in October, in the Alps, Italy.

My path, like that of each one of us, was born with my Life itself, the Great Teacher.

Personally, I consider myself a lucky person to have been able to grow up in a place where nature still predominates,

royal and wild, dispensing ancient teachings. 


Ever since I was a child, I have asked myself important questions which, in my early twenties, it became vital to answer.

Thus began a real journey of understanding made of experiences, places, people, study and listening.

Along the way I met many practices, a lot of wisdom and a lot of love.


It was around the age of thirty that I began to feel that I was part of something great,

to feel a bond between my destiny and that of those who preceded me.

It was then that I met the Family Constellations, discovering and experimenting the history that binds us to our own

Family System, the deep love that moves us and the intrinsic connection that unites everyone and everything.


Among all the practices I have experienced is the great work of Bert Hellinger, called Family and/or Spiritual Constellations the one that most "touched" me, what I fell in love with and wanted to deepen.


Today I am a Holistic therapist and a Counselor specialized in Family and Evolutionary Constellations.


I have acquired the ability to observe us as part of one or more systems, aware that we are all connected,

in this work the individual is never seen as an isolated element, but is always placed in a context of relationships.


My gratitude goes to Sara Savini from whose experience the Second Vision® method was born. 


To Anna Laura Cannamela and Francesca Bianchetti, Ajna Academy,

with whom I followed the training in Family and Evolutionary® Constellations in Milan.


At the Erba Sacra Research Center, for many years committed to the development of culture and knowledge of holistic disciplines and naturopathy in my country.


Operator registered in the ISCA register,  a structure dedicated to the enhancement, personal growth and professional updating of Systemic Operators and Holistic Therapists.


International Systemic Constellations Association - ISCA - Membership number: 55727320 - 


Manucra Carol Piovano

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Whatsapp: 00-31633413804


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